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Cantron, 32 fl. oz bottle…


32. fl. oz lasts 4 months

Basic Ingredients

Proprietary blend of organic compounds: Electrolytes, consisting of a blend of organic compounds from the flavonoid family; subgroup Catechins, Quinones, Hydroxyquinones and Cyclopentenes and mineral salts; Copper, sodium, Potassium, and Sulfur.



What is Cantron?

Cantron is the world’s most potent scavenger of health damaging free radicals, and the resultant damaged proteins which accumulated in the blood, tissues, organs and joints,; all of which are known to responsible for serious health conditions.

What is the composition of Cantron?

The ingredients in Cantron were initially slelected for their bioelectrical properties and for their beneficial roles in supporting normal cellular respiration (energy production within the cells). Later it was discovered that the selected chemicals possessed the most powerful antioxidant properties known to man. the ingredients-which are phenolic antioxidant compounds such as flavonoids (a.k.a. bioflavonoids or vitamin P), phenols, polyphenols, catechins (catechols), quinones and cycloterpenes. These are organic compounds that contain natural healing powers. These beneficial compounds naturally occur in fruits, berries, wine, chocolates/cocoa, plant foods, herbs, tea leaves, spices, olive oil, nuts, bee pollen, honey and in the human body.

How does Cantron improve health conditions?

Bioelectrical Wellness
Cantron helps balance the body’s electrical system and supports healthy cell functioning. The human body is an electrical machine. In fact every cell in the body is electrical. The brain emits enough electrical energy to light up a light bulb, If the bio-electrical system is out of balance, “wellness” cannot exist.

Supports natural elimination of damaged cells
Authors simon & Erinda Kelly state in their book “Healing Cancer, The Top 12 Non-Toxic Cancer Treatments to Help You Beat Cancer,” The London Press, P.90, (Chapter) Cantron; “Cantron targets cells that are functioning poorly because of damaged cellular respiration. Damaged cellular respiration means that a cell’s ability to generate energy by ‘burning carbohydrates’ in the presence of oxygen has been permanently damaged and/or degraded.” As a result of targeting these cells by lowering their cellular voltage and pushing them into a more primitive zone, Cantron helps to carry out a natural body function called lysing- a system which rids itself of older, less efficient and unhealthy cells.

Cleanses the system
Cantron is a mild chelating agent and detoxifier. It supports the body’s normal ability to rid itself of toxic materials, wastes and blockages-a necessary function of the natural healing process.

Unprecedented Antioxidant Activity
The results of recent studies, conducted by Brunswick Laboratories-the world’s leading testing facility of antioxidants-demonstrates that Cantron is the planet’s most potent free radical scavenger. This is great news for those who wish to prevent or reverse serious health conditions. It is head and shoulders above all other antioxidants in its ability to scavenge a wire range of the dangerous Reactive Oxygen Species of free radicals that are responsible for multitudes of diseases in mankind including Hydroxyl Radicals, Peroxyl Radicals of the fat soluble and water soluble types, Peroxynitrite Radicals, and Superoxide Radicals.

Cantron is:

* 522 times more effective than the vitamin E test standard, 417 times more effective that the vitamin C standard, 282 times more effective that orange juice and 23 times more effective that pomegranate juice on peroxyl radicals.

* 52 times more effective that the Caffeic acid test standard, 68 times more effective than green tea and 625 times more powerful than elderberyy extract on hydroxyl radicals

* 33 times more potent than Vitamin E standard on peroxynitrite radicals

* Extremely effective on the quenching of the superoxide anions as well.

Please read the complete comprehensive report on the studies, at

Instructions for taking Cantron® Liquid -“ New Millennium Version”

Measure your doses by using a medicine dropper or medicine spoon. We provide a small measuring implement with your order. SHAKE the Cantron bottle WELL BEFORE USING!!!!

Two taking methods: There are two methods of taking Cantron Oral Liquid, the dilution method or the direct method, which includes optional sublingual ingestion. Utilize either method of choice or alternate between the two. Regardless of the ingestion method you choose, drink large amounts of distilled water throughout the day, preferably with Willard’s Water Concentrate added. Read more about Willard’s Water>>

  1. Dilution Method:

The advantage of the ‘dilution method’ is that the strong unpleasant metallic taste of the formulation is diminished or masked by the beverage it is mixed in. This is the method that Jim Sheridan used.

A dose of oral liquid Canton is ¼ teaspoon or 1.25 ml (cc). Add each dose to any quantity of a liquid such as distilled water or juice (such as grape, cranberry or apple) and consume right away.

For health challenged users: consume a dose every 4 hours. If you cannot wake up during the night to take a dose, take a double dose (1/2 teaspoon) before going to bed and don’t go longer than 6 hours for the next dose.

For severely challenged users: for the first 2 to 3 weeks consume a dose every 2 hours during the waking hours and every 4 hours at sleep time. After the initial time period, consume a dose every 4 hours according to the schedule for health challenged users.

For users without any health challeneges: Take one capsule every 6 hours (4 capsules per day).

Pre-mixing: You can premix a 24 hour supply (6.25 ml) in distilled water and sip it frequently throughout the day – never going more than the recommended time frame, e.g. every 2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours. Or you can pour a proportionate dose of liquid each time. Example: If you are taking 6 proportionate doses in a 24 hour period, then mix 6.25 ml of Cantron in 24 ounces of water and consume 1/6 of the mixture (4 ounces) every 4 hours. If you are double dosing at night in lieu of waking up to take your dose, consume 8 ounces.

  1. Direct Method including Sublingual Ingestion:

Follow the schedule and dosage for healthy, health challenged and severely health challenged users as mentioned above; but instead of mixing the dose in liquid, consume it directly. Follow up by chasing each dose with liquid to help diminish the unpleasant after-taste, if necessary.

If you wish to utilize the sublingual procedure which was recommended by Ed Sopcak, place the dosage of Cantron under the tongue. Hold for as long as possible- for a maximum of 20 minutes- then swallow! You could take a portion of your dose directly and the other portion sublingually if you desire.

The advantage of the sublingual method is that the formula enters the bloodstream more rapidly. The disadvantage is the unpleasant metallic taste and the fact that your teeth may become discolored. In some cases a minor irritation of mouth tissues may occur. If your teeth become discolored, brush them with a paste made of baking soda and 3% hydrogen peroxide. Then, rinse your mouth with a saturated salt solution.



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